Cost Calculator

Please use the table below as a guide to help you work out the installation costs of your kitchen. Every installation varies considerably and only after a site survey of your kitchen will we be able to give you an accurate quotation.

Kitchen Costs

Install wall and base units including door and trims *£56
Install larder or tower unit including door and trims *£70
* Per unit supplement for framed kitchens£14
Custom made cupboard carcase£200
Install decor end panels£24
Install and scribe filler panels£24
Install Pilaster end panels£30
Fit integrated frontals£24
Supplement for housing in gas boiler£65
Construct flyover£50
Install worktop per length£45
Supplement for wooden worktops (preparation and oiling)£180
Worktop mason mitre joint£60
Reshape breakfast bar worktop£55
Cut and fit worktop up stands per metre£20
Install splashback per panel£56
Additional callout charge post granite fitting£165
Remove existing kitchen (not including the disposal of waste)£140
-- All prices subject to VAT at 20%


Connect sink to water and waste (within 1 metre)£140
Install Gas hob (including connection within 1 metre) - Gas Safe£140
Install Gas oven (including connection within 1 metre) - Gas Safe£175
Install electric hob (within 1 metre) - Part P£115
Install electric / microwave oven / warming draw (within 1 metre) - Part P£110
Install chimney hood (not including ducting)£95
Install washing machine including connection to water and electric (within 1 metre)£115
Install dishwasher including connection to water and electric (within 1 metre)£115
Install fridge/freezer including connection to electric (within 1 metre)£115
Install external vent to outside wall£80


Additional socket new/move including white face plate£48
Replace existing socket/switch face plate (face plate supplied by you)£15
Install new ceiling light to existing supply (lights supplied by you)£17
Install light under or in unit (light supplied by you)£17
Move existing 6mm cooker supply to new location£55
New RCD protected fuse board / consumer unit including testing and certification£470


Remove existing wall tiles per square metre£20
Fix and grout standard floor/wall tiles per square metre (minimum charge 5 square metres) *£310
Fix and grout specialist** floor/wall tiles per square metre (minimum charge 4 square metres) *£380
Install standard tiling reduced rate per square metre£45
Install specialist** tiling reduced rate per square metre£65
* (tiles, coloured grout supplied by you)
** specialist tiling is:
Natural stone, porcelain, mosaic (including glass mosaic) or limestone tiles
Tiles other than 100mm to 450mm in size.
3 colours or more brick.
Diamond tile layout.


Lay laminate floor (per square metre)£20
Fit flooring scotia (per metre)£6